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Play Ball— What to Keep in Mind When Starting an Adult Rec Baseball Team

Playing on an adult recreational baseball team is a great way to stay in shape, spend time in the outdoors, and connect socially with others. If you are in charge of organizing a team, it is important that you approach this task with the right information and a focus on teamwork. Here are three things to keep in mind when launching an adult recreational baseball team.

Practice, Practice, Practice

When starting a new adult team, it is likely that many of your players are going to need to knock off the rust a little bit. This makes it extra important to schedule ample practice time well ahead of the first game. While many players tend to focus the bulk of their training time on hitting and pitching, it is also important to spend time working on fielding. All of these elements work together to boost overall team performance. It is a good idea to map out your first practice plans of the season so that you do not waste critical time bringing everyone up to speed at your first meeting.

Be Safe

Above all else, safety should be the number one priority when you take to the field. In order to avoid common baseball injuries, you should still wear protective gear and pay attention. Under no circumstances should any player step behind the plate without wearing a protective batting helmet. Catchers also need to ensure that they have a full arsenal of protective wear. This includes a mitt, a mask with a helmet, a chest protector, and leg guards. Taking these precautions will ensure that all of your players enjoy a fun and safe playing experience.

Understand the Costs

Although it may sound like an easy venture at first glance, launching a team requires a leader who is equipped to handle all of the details. The first thing that you need to do is to get a good grasp on the costs involved. In addition to facility rental costs that you might need to contribute toward as part of a league, you need to allocate money for uniforms, gear, and referees. The right marketing will also help you to attract new participants to your team, ensuring its overall success and longevity.

Running an adult sports recreation team can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only will you be giving people a chance to stay active, but organizing a baseball team is a great way to build community and encourage social interaction in a healthy way.

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