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Our Commitment to Natural Energy

Chris Bachmann

In 1997 Chris Bachmann founded the SuddenRush surf travel agency. One of his surf trips brought him to the North East of Brazil. He settled there and got to know Guarana as well as the Atlantic Rainforest. During this time Bachmann commentated various international extreme sports events, many of which were sponsored by energy drink companies trying to introduce youths to their products through these events.

In Guarana he recognized a healthy alternative and wondered why no one had harnessed this effective and healthy rainforest plant.

The first SuddenRush Guarana-Shots were produced in 2006. The natural energy spread like wildfire through snowboard pros worldwide. Although many were sponsored by large energy drink companies, they preferred to consume the Guarana-Shot before competitions to increase their performance.

Snowboard legend Terje Haakonsen and multiple “Rider of the Year” award winner Nicolas Müller soon joined the SuddenRush team.

Even with the support of highly regarded international snowboarders, SuddenRush is still a small family run Swiss business. Many internationally successful athletes, as well as amateurs from various sports, consume our shots. Artists, students, professionals, long distance drivers, night shift workers and people that can’t drink coffee all cherish our products as a natural energy booster.

On top of that, every Guarana-Shot actively supports a good cause: preserving the Atlantic Rainforest. Now if that isn’t reason enough to try it out…


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