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A Comparison of Energy Sources

The problem with so many modern sources of energy is that they are either packed with sugar, artificial additives, and chemicals, or they’re virtually ineffective at giving you the kind of energy that you need to get through your day like a champ. SuddenRush Guarana is different; we provide an alternative to bottled energy that is completely natural and healthy for you. In fact, our guarana energy shots are non-GMO, vegan, and organic. One might be tempted to think that with such natural ingredients, that our shots for energy can’t be as potent as other energy sources. However, our energy shots actually last longer than the average cup of coffee or energy drink and will never result in a crash. Check out our products today at SuddenRush Guarana!

One thing can definitely be said of Americans: we rely heavily on our sources of energy. Whether for you,  that looks like multiple cups of coffee throughout the day or a couple cans of Redbull or Monster when you’re feeling tired. With all of the energy products available these days, it’s easy to be fooled by brands that claim to be the best. However, there are some significant problems with some of these energy drinks and flavored coffees and there are multiple reasons why they’re not always a great choice for your source of energy. In today’s blog, we’re going to compare three types or sources of energy that are popular here in the states. Continue reading on to learn more!




Traditional Coffee

With over 80 percent of Americans drinking coffee on a daily basis, and a good amount of us drinking much more than one cup per day, it’s safe to say that we love our coffee. Many people feel that they can’t start their day without this “nectar of the gods” to help them wake up. But with all of the cream, sugar, and artificial flavors that we usually put into coffee, it ends up not being the best choice for our caffeine source. Additionally, coffee consumption can lead to annoying crashes that leave us feeling tired, weak, and lethargic, all out of nowhere. What’s more, caffeine is addictive, so if you drink it on a daily basis, chances are that you’ve got yourself a caffeine addiction.

Standard Energy Drinks

The problem with many energy drinks that you’d get at the grocery store, gas station, or convenience store is that many of them are packed with sugar and brimming with chemicals and artificial ingredients. In fact, even the energy drinks that are sugar-free cannot claim to be all-natural. Drinking these things on a daily basis can be extremely dangerous, especially for younger teenagers who may be tempted to drink too many during a short period of time.

Guarana Natural Energy

Our natural energy shots from SuddenRush Guarana are far superior to both coffee and energy drinks. Our shots for energy are natural, healthy, and good for you! Not only are they free of chemical additives and processed sugar, they’re also effective for producing energy that lasts for hours and is never accompanied by that caffeine crash that we’re all so familiar with.

If you’d like to try the best source of energy that will help you get through your days feeling awake, alert, and focused, try SuddenRush Guarana natural energy shot today! Check out our website now and shop our amazing products.

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