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We like SuddenRush Guarana Energy because in a single four ounce “shot” you get the same effect of an entire can of energy drink without having to slug down sixteen ounces of fluids multiple times a day. Since its launch in 2004 SuddenRush Guarana ubiquitous little white bottles seem to have popped up in many major sporting events across the country.

Each shot contains a blend of guarana and fruit flavor containing as much caffeine as several cups of premium coffee yet lasts over several more hours. Although SuddenRush Guarana comes in three flavors the real difference is in the strength not the flavor. The flavor is often described as having a berry-like tang to it. The strength is much more potent than it's size.

In spite of its small size SuddenRush Guarana has generated big effects among its users as well as our environmental support efforts. We're working on earning 1 million dollars to purchase 700,000 m2 of rainforest to save as conservation land and preserve that piece of our rainforest forever. Help us help us all.

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