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Here is what our Online Shoppers have to say about SuddenRush Guarana:


Chris Leben MMA

Glennel Jordan our own Foiler 

It increases my performance to 120%

 -Michael Walder, Workout Expert

"For endless paddle power and extra focus on the wave."

Marcio Franca, Big Wave Surfer

"The Best to walk up the mountain again."

Terje Haakonsen, Snowboard Legend and World Champion

"Extra focus for new tricks."

Sven Kilchenmann, Pro Skater.

 “In contrast to certain other energy drinks, the impact is noticeable and long-lasting.”

ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine


"SuddenRush Guarana helps me pushing past my limits"

-Nicolas Müller, Snowboarder



"SuddenRush Guarana gives me that extra kick."

Simone Bargetze, Profesional Stunt Woman

"The Shots help me stay focused"

Lea Lu, Song Writer and music performer


  • "The best Energy Shot on the market! I love it!"
  • "A great alternative to coffee, Red Bull and monster. Works like a charm and it's so small fits even in my surf shorts. 👍"
  • "This is a much healthier energy supplement then many on the market. It sustains my energy level all day, when I need an extra boost. It also keeps me focused like a lazer."
  • "We love these Guarana Energy Shots. They really work and they don't have all that synthetic stuff inside. It's all natural!"

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