Why Use Guarana?

SuddenRush Guarana is your natural alternative to what is out there nowadays.

Our Shot is vegan, lactose-free, non-GMO and all natural, produced under highest quality standards in Switzerland. We do not cut corners.



A study by Meyer & Ball (2005) from the University of Tasmania (AUS) showed that Guarana delivered significantly more increase in concentration and wakefulness to Test subjects, compared to coffee. Different from coffee or energy drinks, our Guarana-Shot doesn’t release all the energy immediately, but slowly increases the release after 20 minutes and still gives a healthy and natural result hours after the effects of coffee and energy drinks have worn off. The test subjects in the study still profited from the effect of the Guarana after two and half hours.


Due to its performance enhancing effect, Guarana was on doping lists until 2004. Apart from caffeine, Guarana also contains a number of active substances that have a positive effect on both endurance as well as short-term intense sports.

A study by Williams MH (1998) showed that the central nervous system and fat tissue is affected by caffeine, improving mental acuity and fatty acid oxidation. Another study by Dr. Espinala (1997) showed that in a stressful situation, the consumption of Guarana improved physical performance, where coffee or ginseng did not. Additionally, Dr. Lima of the Institute Sao Paolo also points towards the added benefit of fat reduction and an increase in glucose levels in muscles.


Students value the effect of Guarana particularly during study and exam intensive period. Even in the hectic everyday life of the business world, the natural energy booster has made a name for itself.

A study by Dr. Haskell (2006) and the works of Dr. Espinola (1997) showed that Guarana has a positive effect on the performance of memory, increases concentration, endurance, and the power to recall information. Dr. Kennedy (2004) of the University of Newcastle showed that the consumption of Guarana improved concentration and reduced the time it took to recall saved information.


A double-blind study from Dr. Haskell of the University of Newcastle showed that the consumption of Guarana carried a mood enhancing effect.

In Brazil, Guarana is prescribed as a light antidepressant. These natural and organic energy shots contain so much more than just bottled energy. 


Guarana can mitigate headaches and, in some cases, even migraines. It is used throughout Brazil to fight hangovers.

As far back as 1998, Dr. Bydlowski from the University of Sao Paulo showed that blood clotting such as Thrombosis can be mitigated with Guarana. Dr. Da Fonseca later showed that existing thrombosis can be reduced through the use of Guarana.

Another study from Dr. Campos of the University of Fortaleza (2003) indicated that further damages on acute stomach injury due to Ethanol can be prevented through Guarana.


Native Indians of the Brazilian rainforest refer to Guarana as the elixir of youth. The plant is often without competition for anti-wrinkle creams.

A 1998 study from Dr. Mattie of the University of Sao Paulo displayed the antioxidation effects of the plant. Cell aging is slowed through the use of Guarana. Professor Basile of the University of Neapel (2005) discovered two advantages: Guarana is antibacterial and after digestion, can reduce cell aging by up to 62.5 percent.

A recent study in this area by Dr. Fukumatsu of the University of Sao Paulo (2006) suggests that the DNA damage of a specific poison (cigarette smoke) can be reduced up to 52 percent through the digestion of Guarana.


To package our SuddenRush Guarana-Shots we use Polyethylene or PE. As a whole, compared to other packaging options, PE uses the least amount of energy in production, transport and distribution, and is, therefore, from an energy consumption and ecological perspective, the best option. A perfect match!

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