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         Guarana Locations

        As you can see, we are in a multitude of stores through out the world. You can find us in Australia, in Germany, in Austria and in a few more including of course Switzerland where we produce our SuddenRush Guarana energy drink shots under ISO 9000 standards and highest hygiene. Our Guarana energy drink shots contain only organic and natural products which is why you can find us in stores like down to earth that sells only high-end quality vegetarian products through out Hawaii. Other places that have a high reputation for quality foods like wailalua fresh, celestial natural foods or ka’ohao country store are a few more that sell SuddenRush Guarana.

        Of course you can find our energy shots in food trucks along the north shore of oahu beaches ready to serve you anything from  acai to sandwiches with a shot of guarana. Crispy grindz or kualao ranch can provide the drink shot for you just as tou step into your activity like a movie tour, a atv ride, a horseback ride or a zipline adventure. Maybe you like to run a marathon? If so boca Hawaii and runners hi are places to get your signup done and pick up your guarana energy shots, but if you rather jump out of a plane instead of running then skydive Hawaii might be the place you want to get your SuddenRush Guarana energy shot from.

        If all that isn’t your thing, but you like to enjoy our waves then surf and see or North shore surf shop in Haleiwa can be the place to get your energy drink shot before you go out. After you’re done surfing you can stop at Waialua bakery for a sandwich or go to farm to barn café Haleiwa to get your taste buds happy with organic natural foods

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