Mixed Guarana Energy Shot - Guarana Natural Energy Shot Drink | Effective Energy Booster online | SuddenRush Guarana USA
Mixed Guarana Energy Shot - Guarana Natural Energy Shot Drink | Effective Energy Booster online | SuddenRush Guarana USA

Mixed Guarana Energy Shot

SuddenRush Guarana USA

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Sudden Rush Mixed Guarana Energy Shot


SuddenRush Guarana Runner

Long Lasting Sustainable Energy
Focus Your Mind
Improve Mood
Increase Energy and Recovery*
Enhance Memory Retention*
Slow Aging*
Decrease Appetite
100% Natural

 Color  Caffeine Flavor
Green Guarana 110mg PassionFruit/Guarana
Brown Guarana 165mg Caramel/Guarana
Black Guarana 220mg Raspberry/Guarana

1 Shot is 11ml, 32 kcal and contains Caffeine from Guarana.

Only 5 Ingredients: Water, Guarana extract, Natural flavor, Lemon, Raw Cane Sugar.


The SuddenRush Guarana Energy Variety Shot Pack  is a liquid shot of energy, with a high dose of natural Guarana straight from the jungle of Brazil.

All natural, non-GMO, lactose free, gluten free, and completely vegan.

In Brazil the native Indians called the Sateré-Mawé been cultivating, consuming and trading guarana since the early 1600’s.

One shot contains pure Guarana-caffeine. It is the strongest natural Guarana shot available. And because it’s sustainable long lasting energy it will not leave you with a nasty crash or give you the jitters.

It is the ideal kick starter for your day as it energizes, increases focus and attention, and improves memory. Experience increased concentration and wakefulness with our guarana shots as compared to coffee and other energy products. This low calorie, mood enhancing, portable, Guarana energy shot will give you the extra support you need. It also helps reduce headaches and cramps, and curbs appetite to help with weight loss.*

It's best used a half an hour before a long car drive or commute, working night shift, studying for school or preparing for a meeting, any sports activities like surfing, running, MMA, yoga, skiing, biking, etc, and any work or play in general. And full time moms love this stuff! 

It's a big impact in a small bottle. It helps keep you going with extra energy and focus for about 4-6 hours of amazing performance. Even its production has a small environmental impact. This is energy by nature produced in Switzerland by our highest quality standards and all the while saving the rainforest because we donate 10% of our proceeds to convert rainforest to conservation land. Yeah! May the jungle be with you.. 


SuddenRush Guarana GreenSuddenRush Guarana BrownSuddenRush Guarana Black

Box of 24 shots contains: 
8 Medium,  8 Strong,  8 Extra-Strong
SuddenRush Guarana Energy Variety Shot Pack




*This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Not recommended for person under 18 years of age, or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not mix with alcohol. FDA recommends to limit use of caffeine to 400mg daily. 

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I recommend this product
Love it!

Clean energy boost!

Don M.
United States United States
Excellent product!

A product that really does deliver! It is as effective and healthy as it says. May never look at another energy product again!

Monica H.
United States United States

Potent energy and focus. No jitters no crash no headache. No interference with sleep.

Don M.
United States United States
Excellent Product!

Definitely a 'clean' feeling energy drink! I use it for working out and I have not been disappointed. I generally use the "strong" amount and it works very well for me. As a matter of fact, it is pretty much time for me to order more! One of the best energy shots/drinks ever!

SuddenRush Guarana USA

Thank you Don Miles. We love to hear they work for you that well. I sent out your order first thing this morning. Check out the card its got a discount code on it. Aloha Gabe

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