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Our Mission

Atlantic Rainforest

The Atlantic Rainforest has one of the most tragic stories in terms of deforestation: 93 percent of the original area has been cut down. This natural ecosystem, including its unique and vast endemic organisms, is close to being completely eliminated. With your help, we can try to battle this sad reality.

Even with this extreme reduction, the Atlantic Rainforest still holds enormous biological diversity – for example, 20,000 different species of trees – much of it endemic to the region.

Near our rainforest basecamp, an analysis of just a hectare of land found: 270 types of mammals (90 endemic), 372 amphibian species (260 endemic), 197 reptiles (60 endemic), 849 bird species (188 endemic), 2120 butterflies (948 endemic), and 456 different tree species – easily a world record.

The Mission of ARFI

SuddenRush is committed to focusing on developing products that have a positive effect on social and ecological conditions. We feel responsible to live the change that we want to see on this planet and therefore spearhead the SuddenRush Guarana project with the primary goal of protecting the Atlantic Rainforest. Part of the profits generated through the sale of SuddenRush Guarana's natural and organic energy shots go directly towards the protection and preservation of the Atlantic Rainforest in the south of Bahia in Brazil. Guarana only grows in the South American Rainforest and will only do so in healthy surroundings. At least 10 percent of all profits of SuddenRush, therefore, go to the Brazilian NGO “Atlantic Rainforest Institution” or simply ARFI.

The Atlantic Rainforest Institution is a non-governmental organization with an official entry in the commercial register. ARFI was founded on the 5th of June, 2005 in Illheus, Brazil. The first goal is the purchase of 700,000 square meters of intact rainforest land plots in the south of Bahia. 99 percent of the area will remain a nature reserve; with your help, the 7,000 m2 of the remaining one percent will be the location of a nature clinic.

In this clinic veterinarians from across the globe will treat the endemic Golden Lion Tamarin and the Maned Sloth, both close to extinction. In the planned visitors center of the Nature Clinic, children and youths will learn about species diversity and the Atlantic Rainforest. Visitors from across the globe will walk the experience trail, learning to value of the rainforest and its inhabitants. The clinic will serve as a base to start other projects to help the rainforest and diverse organisms that it hosts.



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