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 Trees help regulate the climate by absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide „CO²“ – the main greenhouse gas. Burning tropical forests contributes 20% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, that is more then all cars, trucks, trains and planes combined!! Saving rainforests is the fastest and most effective way to stabilize global climate change. It is a critical part of the larger solution, and action is required NOW!

The Atlantic Rainforest is the most striking example of a conservation HOTSPOT – 93% of it’s original size were destroyed during the last 500 years - extremely rich in biodiversity and under continued threat!


The main goal of the Atlantic Rainforest Institution is to preserve and reforest the truly endangered and species-rich Atlantic Rainforest along Brazils Atlantic coastline. All intact rainforest sponsored is later transferred into a „Reserva Particular de Patrimonio National „RPPN“ (a natural reserve) that guarantees governmental protection for eternity!


Even tough heavily deforested, the biome still holds a very high biological diversification with a high level of endemism. The Atlantic Rainforest harbors more then 20'000 tree species. In Southern Bahia (where the ARFI headquater is located) there were following counts recorded in only one hectare (size of a football field): 270 species of mammals (90 endemic), 372 amphibious (260 endemic), 197 reptiles (60 endemic), 849 birds (188 endemic), 2120 butterflies (948 endemic) and a biodiversity world record of 456 trees.


ARFI is a non-governmental organization with trade register number - 2984 à Folha 0022 do Livro A-14 do Cartório de Títulos e Documentos da Comarca de Ilhéus - Bahia - Brazil. CNPJ - 08.631.232 /0001-50 (Cadastro de Pessoa Juridica). Date of Foundation: 5th of June 2005


At the time being we are establishing a REDD+ project that will bring in International scientists in the field of Integrated Farming practises and a team around Prof. Gerry Strobel regarding research on endophytes. See attached document!


ARFI collaborates mainly with local NGO’s, biologists, farmers, etc. and is activ on the Costa de Cacau in Southern Bahia, Brazil. Our International ambassadors help raise awarness among young people on the planet. 


Obrigado for your support!

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