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How a Guarana Drink Helps You Lose Weight

How a Guarana Drink Helps You Lose Weight

The world is only beginning to catch on to what people in the Amazon have known for thousands of years – that the guarana drink is a much more potent way to receive energy-boosting caffeine than other sources. It lasts longer than coffee or other energy drinks without the crash and jittery feelings. But most people still are unaware that the guarana drink can also help them lose weight. That’s a claim backed up by science and experience, and you can see for yourself when you use any of our energy drink guarana products and guarana shots as part of your weight loss journey.

Guarana Boosts Your Metabolism

Caffeine is believed to boost human metabolism by as much as 3-11%. Your metabolism helps to burn more calories even when you are not active. The guarana drink made with guarana extract is one of nature’s richest sources of caffeine. Our energy drink guarana and guarana shots at Sudden Rush have two times as much caffeine as coffee beans – and that is all-natural as the guarana fruit itself has that amount and sometimes four times as much. 

A boosted metabolism is enough to help in your weight loss journey, but the guarana drink also gives you the mental and physical jumpstart needed to burn more calories in the gym. Our Green Guarana Energy Shot is a medium-strength guarana shot with a fruity flavor excellent for the morning when you need the motivation to stick to your diet and exercise regimen. 

We also carry other strengths of energy drink guarana and guarana shot – try the Black Guarana Energy Shot or Brown Guarana Energy Shot for different potencies and flavors. Or try them all with our Mixed Guarana Energy Shot option.

Caffeine is not only more potent in guarana extract than coffee or other energy drinks, but it is also released much more slowly. You get between four and six hours of boosted metabolism and the mental and physical energy to push yourself towards weight loss. You would have to drink substantially more coffee and other caffeinated beverages to match the potency of guarana. Still, the slow release from guarana means you won't have the same feelings of crashing or the jitters. 

Auxiliary Support

Guarana has several added antioxidants, nutrients, and compounds that coffee and energy drinks with other ingredients don’t. Some of these antioxidants are believed to aid blood flow, enhance exercise benefits, and improve overall health. The higher levels of caffeine also play a role in alleviating the pain associated with strenuous activity. 

You Have Every Reason To Incorporate Guarana Into Your Weightloss Routine

You would need to drink twice as much coffee and other energy drinks to match the levels of caffeine in the energy drink guarana and guarana shots from Sudden Rush. But that wouldn’t be recommended as coffee, and other energy drinks give you instantaneous doses, whereas guarana releases it slowly and balanced without adverse side effects. 

The guarana drink will boost your metabolism and energy to burn calories – it also has other health effects that should appeal to everyone. Try our delicious and potent guarana drinks at Sudden Rush Guarana for a natural and safe aid in losing weight.

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