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Key Situations for Bottled Energy

Welcome back to our blog page here at SuddenRush Guarana! Our highest calling is giving people an energy solution that is natural, organic, non-GMO, and even healthy. With our products, people don’t experience those frustrating energy “crashes,” and they also don’t have to be worried about putting potentially harmful chemicals into their bodies. And what’s more, our company has a focus on giving back! Almost 10 percent of SuddenRush product sales go to benefit the Brazilian NGO “Atlantic Rainforest Institution” or simply, ARFI. Want to find an energy source that will change your life while giving back to a worthy cause, shop our amazing products at SuddenRush Guarana today! 

The Need for Energy

Let’s face it, life can be busy, hectic, and even chaotic at times. As Americans, we tend to give everything we have to make sure that we’re doing what we need to do in our daily lives. For you, that might include running errands, commuting hours to work each week, going to important business meetings, completing late-night study sessions, or participating in a competitive sporting event. Whatever you find yourself busy doing, chances are, you’re needing some extra amounts of energy to make it through the day.

When it comes to the need for energy in the United States, the statistics are somewhat staggering. According to the Health Research Funding Organization, 54 percent of Americans drink coffee every day and 21 million Americans admit to drinking over six cups of coffee per day. So, as you can see, Americans’ need for “outside” energy for a variety of reasons is huge and we’re not seeing that trend going down anytime soon.

Since the right kind of “bottled energy” will be natural, healthy, and won’t come with a crash, it’s safe to say that most of the energy and coffee drinks on the market today are not the best choice for anyone. The best source of energy is good for you, and even though this might sound impossible, you’ll find that it actually is. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at some of the most common reasons to need extra energy, and the best source of energy you can find.


One of the most common needs for an energy shot or cup of coffee is when you know that you’ll need to concentrate or focus. Concentration is highly valuable when it comes to studying for a big final, giving an important presentation, or performing an artistic activity such as drawing or writing. With the right source of energy, you’ll get natural, jitter-free concentration that lasts. Why waste your time with coffee that wears off with a crash, and standard energy drinks that come with nasty side effects? SuddenRush Guarana shots will give you the focus and concentration that you need! 


All of us can commiserate with the need for feeling awake and alert. Whether you’re needing a quick wake-up after not getting much sleep, you’re trying to stay awake on a long trip, or you’re trying to fight the nighttime sleepy feelings when falling asleep is not an option, you need to have the right go-to for energy. When you seek out coffee and convenience store energy drinks for your source of energy, you are getting a poor substitute for the great energy option that awaits you at SuddenRush Guarana. 

Mood Enhancing

We’ve seen it before; the standard gym goer who is acting hyped, itchy, and irritable because of their pre-workout. With so many forms of unnatural energy, it’s normal to experience side effects that can be described as nothing less than scary. When you can feel your heart racing, your ears burning, and your arms itching, chances are that your mood is also being affected by your pre-workout or bottled energy drink. Instead of using an energy source that causes awkwardness with friends and causes you to be a bit harsh with the people around you, why not invest in a kind of energy that is mood enhancing? Our natural energy shots are completely healthy and can even help your mood improve! 


When you know that you need to have a great athletic performance, you need to run a marathon, you have to watch little kids, or you’re doing anything else that requires energy, it’s tough to simply rely on energy that you produce in your own body, or “inner energy.” When the time comes for upping your energy game, it’s vital that you choose an energy source that is natural, healthy and doesn’t come with a crash. And since that pretty much eliminates most coffee drinks, standard energy drinks, and pre-workouts, you’re pretty much left with one option. 

The Best Source

Most of our customers can’t believe the amazing results that they get from our organic energy shots that are completely natural, non-GMO, vegan, and even healthy. If you’re looking for energy that you can trust, consider taking SuddenRush Guarana energy shots. Visit our website to read about our mission and to shop our products today!


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