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Reasons to Love Guarana Energy

At SuddenRush Guarana, we’ve literally made it our business to provide our customers with healthy, safe, and natural energy that can sustain them for hours without the crash that so many people have associated with drinking coffee and standard energy drinks. SuddenRush offers a delightful solution to the search for the perfect source of energy. Our shots are organic, non-GMO, vegan, and completely safe. People all over the world are using our energy shots for extra alertness during their busy work days, peak performance during competitions and sporting events, and staying power during long trips or exhausting days with little sleep.

SuddenRush Guarana Over Coffee

There are some obvious drawbacks to coffee and energy drinks that many people have noticed, especially when they finally make the switch to our healthy energy option. Many energy drinks are packed with suspicious chemicals, loads of sugar, and even dangerous amounts of caffeine. For obvious reasons, these energy drinks are less than ideal for anyone’s consumption.

In the same way, black coffee is natural and fairly free of anything questionable. In moderation, it can provide short-lived energy. However, at least half of coffee drinkers add some kind of real or artificial sugar to their brew. And what’s more, the average person doesn’t have one cup of coffee per day; the average American has more than two cups of coffee per day, and more than 1/4th of Americans are drinking more than four cups in a 24-hour period. The reason that most people drink too much coffee is due to the fact that the effects of coffee don’t last for very long.

Try Guarana Energy

At SuddenRush Guarana, we offer a very agreeable alternative to this problem of drinking the wrong kind of energy. Our main ingredient: guarana, is safe, natural, and healthy! Additionally, the energy that comes from SuddenRush shots is so much longer-lasting than that of coffee and traditional energy drinks. In today’s two-part blog, we’re going to look at all of the reasons why you should love guarana!

What is Guarana?

Part of the maple family Sapindaceae, guarana is a climbing plant that is indigenous to the Amazon basin and especially prevalent in Brazil. Guarana has big leaves and clusters of flowers, and it is best known for the fruit that it bears, which happens to be about the size of a coffee bean. Guarana has been proven to be an effective dietary supplement and energy booster because its seeds contain four to eight percent caffeine. For comparison sake: coffee beans are about one to three percent caffeine. In addition to this, the seeds are full of tannins and xanthine alkaloids theophylline and theobromine.


Guarana Nutrition as a Stimulant

Guarana differs from caffeine from coffee beans in that it allows the central nervous system to prevent fatigue and aids in the breaking down of lactic acid from muscle stress. As if it was already seeming too good to be true, guarana helps to prevent blood clots, stimulates the urinary system, and promotes digestion. It has been used to treat diarrhea, fatigue, hunger, arthritis, hangovers, headaches, and so much more!

Join us next time for part two, which will be our continuation on all of the benefits that guarana has to offer. In the meantime, shop our amazing guarana energy products!

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