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Reasons to Love Guarana Energy, Pt 2

Welcome back to our blog series here at SuddenRush Guarana! We are continually amazed at the responses and feedback that we’ve gotten from those of you who have tried our products. We’ve always known that our energy shots are something special, but when we start to notice more of the public appreciating what we do, that’s when our job satisfaction is at an all-time high. Our guarana energy shots are being purchased and sent all over the world because they’re a healthy, natural, non-GMO, and vegan source of energy. If you’re interested in learning more about SuddenRush Guarana, take a look at our site and shop our one-of-a-kind products now!

In part one of our blog series about the amazing effects of guarana, we discussed what guarana is, and we broke the ice on what makes it so special. Since guarana seeds contain more caffeine than coffee beans, each of our energy shots has a more concentrated dose. However, the extra caffeine isn’t the only thing to love. Energy from guarana also lasts so much longer than that of coffee and it also has numerous other positive effects. In today’s portion of our guarana blog series, we’re going to continue discussing what makes this special little Brazilian plant so special. Continue reading below to learn more!

Guarana Can Help You Maintain Focus and Mental Energy

When you’re dealing with a long day of meetings at the office, you’re taking a big exam, or your neck deep in research for a term paper, you need a source of energy that will provide you with the mental focus and energy that you need to not only get through your day but thrive in it. In a study by Meyer & Ball in 2005, guarana was shown to deliver a much more significant amount of wakefulness and concentration when compared with the effects of coffee in test subjects.

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Also, unlike the energy that one gets from coffee and energy drinks, guarana gives a release of energy that is slow and steady. Test subjects found that after the use of guarana, their resulting energy lasted so much longer than after coffee. On average, those who tried guarana experienced energy lasting anywhere from two to two and a half hours.

Guarana Can Improve Your Physical Performance

When you’re looking forward to a day in which you’ll need to be at your peak physical performance, you’ll need the right kind of natural energy to go with the task at hand. Whether you’re participating in a race, you’re playing in the big game, or you’re planning a 4-hour long bike ride, you want to make sure that you have energy that will last. Because of its performance-enhancing effects, guarana was actually on doping lists until 2004. Guarana also has many active ingredients that can have a positive effect on the need for long-term endurance, as well as the need for those short bursts of energy.

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Though there are so many other things to say about the positive effects of guarana, we simply have to wait for next time to continue our discussion on how amazing this product is. If you’re ready to switch your energy source to the best and most natural one you’ll find, order SuddenRush Guarana shots today!

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