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The Drawbacks of Coffee and Energy Drinks

Welcome back to our blog page here at SuddenRush Guarana! We love hearing positive reviews about our products and we know that after someone tries our natural energy shots, it’s only a matter of time before they feel compelled to share their experience with the world. Our energy shots are perfect for people of all ages, occupations, and walks of life. We love knowing that we have not only brought a great source of energy to the masses, but that we’ve brought an energy that’s all-natural, non-GMO, vegan, and even healthy for the body. Because our natural energy shots use guarana for their energy source, you can rest assured that you’re getting a completely raw and organic energy that won’t leave you feeling the “crash” you’ll get from coffee and energy drinks. There are plenty of things that set SuddenRush Guarana apart, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Shop our products today to learn more about this amazing and innovative energy source!

Because we’re so familiar with the nature of our products ways in which they’re helping people all over the United States, we know how superior our guarana energy shots are when compared to coffee and energy drinks. Honestly, there is no comparison; SuddenRush Shots are far superior to any source of energy that exists. However, we know that when someone is used to their daily cup of coffee or can of Monster, it can be hard to break normal habits. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a hard look at some of the significant drawbacks of coffee and energy drinks as well as the best alternative out there!

1. Experiencing a Caffeine “Crash”

It’s no secret that Americans rely heavily on caffeine to keep their energy up and stay focused and functional throughout the day. However, as you’ve probably experienced if you’re a coffee drinker or energy drink consumer, these products are accompanied by what we call a “crash” when the short burst of energy wears off. Many people experience such a life-interrupting crash that they even compare it to a hangover. Common symptoms of a caffeine crash include sudden fatigue, inability to focus, and even a headache.

2. Needing More Caffeine Hour After Hour

Many people feel that they need to sip coffee or have a constant stream of energy throughout the day to remain functional. When it’s all said and done, we’re spending thousands of dollars per year on our Starbucks runs and our trips to the convenience store for that can of Monster or Redbull. However, with many of these energy sources, the effects simply don’t last long enough to even get your money’s worth.



3. Getting More Than You Bargained For

What most Americans probably don’t know is that many of our coffee shop lattes and canned energy drinks from the gas station have extra ingredients in them that will either add significantly to our daily calories or lead to lasting effects on our health. It’s hard to believe, but lattes, mochas, frappuccinos, and mochas can have more than 500 calories each and add loads of sugar to your daily intake of nutrition. Additionally, not only do canned energy drinks often have tons of sugar, many of them have added artificial ingredients that could cause health issues down the road. 

Choose a Better Option!

SuddenRush Guarana’s natural energy shots are a unique source of energy; our shots won’t leave you with a sudden crash, will last hours after the effects of coffee have worn off, and are completely pure and all-natural. What’s not to love? Shop our products today!

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