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The effects on the rainf forest from plant based plastics

The Atlantic Rainforest is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, with a wide variety of plant and animal species found nowhere else on Earth. Unfortunately, this precious ecosystem is under threat from many different human activities, including the production of plant-based plastics.

Plant-based plastics, also known as bioplastics, are often touted as a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastics made from fossil fuels. However, the production of these materials can still have negative impacts on the environment, including the Atlantic Rainforest.

One of the main concerns with plant-based plastics is the amount of land required to grow the crops needed to produce them. Many bioplastics are made from crops such as corn or sugarcane, which require large amounts of land, water, and other resources to cultivate. This can lead to deforestation and habitat destruction, which can have serious consequences for the plants and animals that call the Atlantic Rainforest home.

Additionally, the production of plant-based plastics can also contribute to pollution and other environmental problems. The processing of these materials often involves the use of chemicals and energy-intensive processes that can generate greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. This can further degrade the delicate ecosystem of the Atlantic Rainforest and contribute to climate change.

While plant-based plastics may have some advantages over traditional plastics, it is clear that their production can still have negative impacts on the environment. As such, it is important for consumers and businesses alike to consider the full environmental impacts of these materials when making decisions about their use.

Here are some web links to further explore the impact of plant-based plastics on the environment:

  1. World Wildlife Fund - Atlantic Forest: https://www.worldwildlife.org/places/atlantic-forest
  2. Rainforest Trust - Atlantic Rainforest: https://www.rainforesttrust.org/protecting-the-atlantic-rainforest/
  3. National Geographic - Bioplastics: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/2018/07/news-plastic-alternatives-bioplastics-environment-climate-change/
  4. The Guardian - Plant-based plastics may not be as eco-friendly as we think: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/feb/11/plant-based-plastics-are-not-the-miracle-solution-we-thought-they-were
  5. The Atlantic Rainforest Institution - A conservation Project https://www.atlanticrainforest.org/

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