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Try These Watersports Next Time You’re at the Lake

Lake sports are a source of enjoyment for millions of people each year. Families and individuals of all ages from across the country enjoy spending downtime at their favorite lakes. The sports they enjoy can be on the wild side or more relaxed.


If you're looking for a minimally extreme sport, wakeboarding could be the answer. It takes the skill of a water or snow-skier with the split-second reaction time of a surfer. You are pulled behind a boat going about 20 mph with your feet booted onto a five-foot-long board. You then let yourself be lifted with the wake of the boat, taking the rises relatively easy or jumping as they lift you up. The experts say it doesn't take long to learn, and even kids are doing it! Wear a helmet and use good sense — no hotdogging unless you're a pro — and fun will be had by all.


Boating is one of the top reasons people visit lakes. The size of the lake generally determines if boats are allowed, and if they are, what size. Even in very small lakes, kayaks are a safe bet since they're slow and safe when people are around. There are simple boat safety tips you can follow to avoid common accidents and injuries on the water. Regardless of the size of your boat, make sure there are enough life vests for everyone. Children should have one on at all times. Go over other safety tips before leaving shore, too. If alcohol is involved, make sure to have a designated driver. The state in which you are boating may have laws regarding licensing, so be sure to check before you put your boat in the water.


If you prefer the peace and solitude of a lake, tubing might be your water sport of choice. A giant semi-truck inner tube blown up at the nearest gas station can be your ticket to a relaxing day on the lake. Tie it up to a buoy or the pier for a relaxing afternoon, or tow it behind a boat to shake things up. Tubers can tie their inner tubes together to make sure no one floats off alone. Grab a cold drink, a hat, and your shades, and you'll be set until dinnertime!

Depending on your lake, the water sports available can be as tame or as thrilling as you like. So next time you visit the lake, try something new for a change!

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