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What Are The Benefits Of Guarana?

What Are The Benefits Of Guarana?

The guarana plant boasts large leaves with bunches of small white flowers and red berries, and is native to the Amazon basin region. Guarana is probably best known for the seeds that can be extracted from the fruit itself, as these seeds are extremely rich in caffeine among other stimulating substances, which makes it a popular ingredient in drinks that aim to get you up and active. But what are the benefits of guarana? Thankfully this guide contains everything you need to know to better understand why so many people and cultures use guarana and have done so for many centuries. So, if you're interested in finding out more, then simply read on.


More Energy


One of the most common uses for guarana is for more energy. Athletes often take guarana based dietary supplements or guarana seed extract due to its stimulating effects. In addition to guaranas high caffeine levels, it also contains a range of other chemicals that have similar energy-boosting effects, such as theophylline and theobromine. Consuming guarana is said to help improve your physical performance by giving you that extra ounce of energy that you need to really push yourself and potentially step out of your comfort zone, so it can be of real benefit to athletes and fitness fans alike.


Better Focus


Guarana can really help to improve your focus and boost your mental alertness levels, so it may be able to enable users to become noticeably more productive throughout an average day. It contains around four hundred percent more caffeine than coffee, so guarana supplements can be very beneficial when you're trying to reduce mental fatigue and stay sharp. You can easily improve your focus by using this healthy source of caffeine, and you're unlikely to get the same side effects as an artificial energy drink in comparison.


Weight Loss


Guarana might actually be able to help you shed any extra pounds you are carrying to help reveal a slimmer, healthier you, as it's long been said that the fruit and seed extract can be of benefit when you're attempting to lose weight. Many studies suggest that the plant can effectively boost your metabolism, as consuming more caffeine can assist weight loss and encourage you to keep those extra pounds off for a longer period of time. As guarana is one of the richest sources of caffeine, it can boost your metabolism by between 3-11% within the short space of just 12 hours, making weight loss more achievable than ever!


Help Chronic Conditions


Guarana seed extract may be able to prevent or at least fight back against chronic conditions. As it contains large quantities of antioxidants, the guarana may in fact have the ability to naturally prevent the cell damage which commonly causes cancer, while helping to relieve or reduce the side effects associated with other chronic conditions, too. The compounds caffeine and catechins, which are found heavily in guarana seeds, have actually been linked with anti-platelet aggregatory activity in past studies, which may mean they can act effectively as a blood thinner and therefore prevent or reduce your chances of serious blood clots. This reduces the risk of thrombosis and a number of other cardiovascular diseases.

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