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Black Guarana Energy
Black Guarana Energy

Black Guarana Energy Drink

SuddenRush Guarana USA

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SuddenRush Extra Strong Black Guarana Energy Shot

1 shot / 11ml contains 220mg caffeine from guarana (1840mg / 100ml)

Ingredients: water, sugar, guarana extract 15%, , aroma, citric acid

SuddenRush Guarana "Natural Energy Shot / X-strong" is a liquid and natural energy dose, based on a very high proportion of guarana with a raspberry flavor. The drinking ampoule contains 220mg of pure guarana caffeine per ampule. This makes it the highest-dose natural guarana shot. It is ideal as a healthy kick-starter for the day, for concentrated work at night, long car journeys and tough training courses. If you consume the guarana energy drink half an hour before the next competition, it can work wonders. The guarana caffeine is very digestible and is gently released into the body over a longer period of time. The little helper in pocket size with a big effect, even if it is later than expected!

32 kcal per ampoule

The Best Energy Shot in the World

  • Get More out of your day
  • Long Lasting No Crash
  • Train Harder, Play Longer, Go Farther 
  • Stronger Than Coffee No Jitter
  • Minimize Recovery time from work, jet lag, training
  • Keep up with kids half your age


  • SuddenRush Guarana having a great party

    The most complete guarana energy shot on the market today! Our Guarana Powered energy liquid never fails to deliver your daily dose of "Get-it-Done". SuddenRush Extra Strong Guarana Energy Shots are specifically designed to give you the energy you need to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

    Our natural based guarana energy drink shot formula keeps you energized until its done!

    What makes SuddenRush Extra Strong Guarana Energy Shots work so exceptionally amazing? Let me tell you..

    The answer is in the mix..SuddenRush Guarana Extra Strong delivers clean natural guarana caffeine in one shot to start you off. There's loads of positive side effects like it's rich in Antioxidants, Reduces Fatigue, Improves Focus and Helps You Learn Better, as well as getting you through that work or training day… or night.*

    There are countless energy shots on the market right? Absolutely! And we love that because well, we do not fear competition! The problem with the other shots is they follow up their caffeine boost with a major overload of synthetic vitamins. Sure, this will give you what might be confused with energy. You know, that jittery, vibrating, anxious feeling that is followed up by the crippling crash.

    The key word here is Natural. Unlike synthetic vitamins, our natural Guarana is actually absorbed by your body and works to provide you with true, clean, natural energy over many hours, slow and gentle.

    But don't just take our word for it. Pick some up and try it for yourself!

    Ingredients: Water, Guarana extract (220mg Caffeine) Raspberry, Lemon, Raw Cane Sugar.



    *This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Not recommended for person under 18 years of age, or women who are pregnant or nursing. Do not mix with alcohol. FDA recommends to limit use of caffeine to 400mg daily. 

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    Gabriel V.
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    I recommend this product


    Guarana has so much benefits to the body and I can never start the day without this.

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