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The Guarana Energy Supplements

What is the Power of Guarana?

Unlike a cup of leading premium coffee, SuddenRush Guarana* is an energy shot that will keep you feeling alert for hours. You would need several liter bottles of energy drinks like Coca Cola and other soft drinks to create the same alertness and energy that you get from just a small 11ml vial of our drink shot. 

The effect of the guarana seed is similar to caffeine. Guarana contains caffeine stronger than regular strength coffee beans except that the slow release of guarana extract means you have that feeling of alertness for longer and without side effects like jitter or crash. Only one dose of our vial as a healthy source of caffeine content can replace your current bad habit. Consuming one shot for energy as a weight loss product can give you the boost you need to stick to your fitness goals. 

Our energy drink shots are the most complete guarana energy dietary supplement on the market today! Our natural energy liquid never fails to deliver your daily dose of "Get It Done". Find us now on Amazon. 

*While consuming guarana cupana is generally recognized as safe by the Food and Drug Administration this product is not intended for a person with increased risk of high blood pressure. 

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