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SuddenRush Medium Guarana (clearance) - Guarana Natural Energy Shot Drink | Effective Energy Booster online | SuddenRush Guarana USA
SuddenRush Medium Guarana (clearance) - Guarana Natural Energy Shot Drink | Effective Energy Booster online | SuddenRush Guarana USA
SuddenRush Medium Guarana (clearance)
SuddenRush Medium Guarana (clearance)

SuddenRush Medium Guarana (clearance)

SuddenRush Guarana USA

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Green Shots

The SuddenRush Medium Guarana Energy Shot

Best by 5/20**

Do more! Be amazing at it. 

  • Quick, Simple and Effective
  • Shake, Peel, Drink
  • All Natural
  • A Million Positive Side Effects
  • More Caffeine than Coffee
  • Slow Release over 5 hours
  • No Nervousness, No Jitter, No heart palpitations*

**Best Before May 2020. Best Before date may indicate it’s not at maximum freshness in terms of flavor, consistency, or texture. 

Are your responsibilities overwhelming you? You woke up tired because your mind kept you up? It's Monday and you feel like it's Friday? How are you going to get through the week? More soda? More coffee? How much of it will you need? How much before it fails you?

Let us introduce you to Guarana by SuddenRush. This uplifting elixir has been used by the natural tribes of the rainforests for many centuries to enhance their daring courage in dealing with any of the challenges their life’s environment offers.

SuddenRush Medium Guarana Energy Shot is now available to you to conquer your days giving you the fearless spirit you want to triumph over all of it.

It’s a small liquid drink shot and all you need is one per day to help improve any activities you have ahead of you. It contains only 5 natural ingredients of guarana, water, flavor, sugar and lemon. That’s it!

It's stronger then coffee, lasts longer, and yet is gentle on your stomach without the jitter you experience from any other energy drinks. One of the energy compound in the seeds, Guaranine, is non-addictive, takes longer to metabolize and offers a gentler stimulating effect than traditional caffeine. 

Choose the strength rather then just drinking more. Adjust it based on your activity, from office work, to house chores, to full on exercise marathons. Keep the small ampule always with you to be ever ready. Fits perfectly in your pocket or purse or conveniently in your car.


Ingredients: Water, Guarana extract (110mg Caffeine) Passionfruit, Lemon, Raw Cane Sugar.**


*This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Not recommended for person under 18 years of age, or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not mix with alcohol. FDA recommends to limit use of caffeine to 400mg daily.
**Best by 5/2020

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I recommend this product
Good for overall health

Not only does it deliver with physical energy/benefits, I truly do notice that it improves my emotional health (i.e. mood) as well. Less anxiety, and more clarity/focus!

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