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The Ultimate Biohacking Guide

The Ultimate Biohacking Guide to Increase Your Motivation


It happens to all of us. On any given day, you may feel a lack of motivation to complete a task or project.

On one hand, you may feel disinterested with what is required of you, and on the other, perhaps the task or project scares you and makes you so anxious or overwhelmed that you can barely figure out how or where to begin, so you simply do nothing.

Much of the time these reactions seem all in your head, where you think you are being lazy and just can’t muster up the energy to do what you need to do. You think you are simply “too tired” or you are knowingly sabotaging your success with unhelpful thoughts and patterns.

Motivation, however, is highly complex and is affected not only by external factors such as perceived effort and reward, but also the harmonious or disharmonious function of the biochemistry of your mindbody.

This complex psychobiological symphony includes hormones, the microbiome or “gut health”–the types of bacteria present in your gastrointestinal tract–as well as nervous system function.

In this Ultimate Biohacking Guide to Increase Your Motivation, we’ll help you to determine when your biology is betraying you because of hardwired old patterns or daily lifestyle choices you have made, and how to make better choices to support optimal performance and success in your life and work.

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