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intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting 101

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide Written by Kris Gunnars, BSc   What It Is What It Is Methods Effects Weight Loss Benefits Si...
5hour SuddenRush Guarana

The Safety Of 5-Hour Energy

What You Really Need To Know About The Safety Of 5-Hour Energy Drink David Kroll Former Contributor Pharma & Healthcare Are those tiny 5-Hour E...
Energy to help you

Lack of Energy and Motivation

Do you ever feel tired of feeling tired? It’s like you get up in the morning and instead of feeling rejuvenated like the people from the TV commercials, you drudge the sound of your alarm and hit it like Ted Williams hits a baseball.

The worst thing is that you have work that needs to be done and you literally can’t afford to slog throughout the day. But there are ways how you can fix that. Since your body is a holistic being, the change in one area will affect a plethora of changes in the other ones. So that’s why these changes will make you feel energetic and motivated to push the day.

Flatt belly

How to Flatten Your Stomach

HOW TO FLATTEN YOUR STOMACH (IN 10 MINUTES OR LESS) BEAUTY AND FITNESS The stomach is one of the most common areas where fat tends to a...
Guarana and food

Weight Loss This Summer

8 Foods Worth Making at Home For Weight Loss Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have become increasingly interested in what we can make in our...
Coffe vs Guarana

The Benefits of Guarana Energy Shot and Why It’s Better to Take a Shot of Guarana vs an Energy Drink

Guarana is a plant that comes from the Amazon in Brazil. It has a fruit about the size of a coffee bean and, when ground down, has many benefits. It contains caffeine, up to three times the amount of coffee. It also contains other stimulants as well. Tribes in the Amazon have been making use of it for years, vowing to the therapeutic advantages it offers. These days you can buy guarana online, at health food shops, or even at the supermarket. There are even bottles of drinks that contain it. Anyway, here are a few benefits of guarana energy shots as opposed to an energy drink:
Piriformis and the pain it can be

Piriformis and the pain it can be

Even though today we’re talking about Piriformis, hopefully you can see that this concept applies to every injury/pain/niggle you have. Your body is made up of complex systems that work in multiple ways, making sure to understand those is the key. Blaming one thing is rarely helpful, instead focus on something you can control: HOW YOU MOVE.
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sports and exercise

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sports and exercise

Asia-Pacific Journal of Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Rehabilitation and Technology Volume 22, October 2020, Pages 39-44 Original Article Imp...


So, do you need to drink eight glasses of water per day? Unless you are thirsty, drinking extra water will probably not offer superior health benefits but probably is not harmful either. However, if kidneys could talk, they would say that hydration challenges represent nothing more than highly marketed peeing contests.
What Keeps You Motivated

What Keeps You Motivated

The Founder’s Zodiac: What Keeps You Motivated, Based on Your Personality Type? by Dayna Winter   Founders Zodiac Apr 7, 2021 12 mi...
the Adventurous Sport of Bouldering

the Adventurous Sport of Bouldering

Embrace Hawaii’s Rugged Outdoors with the Adventurous Sport of Bouldering Climb nature's rawest obstacles with Hawaii's growing bouldering communit...
Brazilian Cocoa, Cacao Brésilien, Guarana Seed Extract, Guaranine, Paullinia cupana, Paullinia sorbilis,

Guarana Facts

WHAT OTHER NAMES IS GUARANA KNOWN BY? Brazilian Cocoa, Cacao Brésilien, Guarana Seed Extract, Guaranine, Paullinia cupana, Paullinia so...

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