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Top 2 Reasons to Choose SuddenRush Guarana

Top 5 Reasons to Choose SuddenRush Guarana

SuddenRush Guarana energy shots contain nature’s best source of caffeine: guarana extracts. Guarana benefits include more than just higher levels of caffeine than coffee or other energy-boosting beverages – the seeds used in our guarana extracts are also packed with compounds and antioxidants that promote better health.

If you’re in the dark about what is guarana, it’s an all-natural stimulant that is better than any other on the market. There are many energy drinks to choose from nowadays, but none with the same effectiveness and added benefits. Coffee and other energy drinks purport to give you a boost for fighting fatigue, but they come with many side effects and potential health risks when consumed regularly. Guarana extracts, on the other hand, not only do the job of boosting mental focus and physical energy better but also have a positive effect on your body.

What Is Guarana?

South America has known about guarana benefits for centuries, and Brazil, with over 190 million people, has made guarana extracts into a huge market sector of their beverage industry. But Brazil is also the native home of guarana. Also known scientifically as Paullinia cupana, guarana is a climbing plant native to the Amazon basin.

It is the seeds of the guarana plant that are widely renowned for their stimulating effects. The black seeds are contained within a brown to reddish-colored fruit and are roughly the same size as the coffee bean. One of the truly fascinating things about the guarana fruit and seed is that, when ripened, the fruit splits open and reveals the black seed in an appearance that uncannily resembles an alert eyeball. With the “eye-popping” effects of guarana’s potent caffeine levels, it’s as if nature was trying to advertise its usefulness. The resemblance to an eyeball became part of the creation myth for the plant by the Sateré-Mawé people in the Amazonas state of Brazil. 

Guarana benefits are unfortunately not widely known outside of South America. The cultivation itself of the plant also benefits the rainforests. That and these other five reasons should convince you to choose SuddenRush Guarana and ditch coffee and other energy drinks altogether.

1. Sustainability

SuddenRush Guarana sources guarana extracts straight from its native habitat. Guarana farmers on the borders between deforested and intact rainforests create a secondary rainforest zone, planting back the trees needed for the climbing Paullinia cupana to thrive. When you choose guarana – especially SuddenRush Guarana – you’re a part of a solution that positively affects social and ecological conditions in the South American Rainforest.

SuddenRuish Guarana collaborates with the ARFI, several local NGOs, biologists, and farmers to develop sustainable farming practices in South America. You can read more information about that mission of sustainability here.

2. You’ll Drink Less Guarana Beverages And Get More Energy

Guarana seeds contain more than twice the amount of caffeine as coffee beans. Guarana extracts can be made more potent in considerably less volume. SuddenRush Guarana Black Guarana Energy Shot has 220mg of caffeine. You would have to consume substantially more coffee or other energy drinks to match the boosting effects of one small vial of this guarana shot.

3. Guarana Has A More Balanced Release Of Caffeine

One of the guarana benefits that outweigh coffee and other energy drinks is that its high caffeine content isn’t released immediately. Even if you drank substantial amounts of coffee or other energy drinks to match guarana’s caffeine content, they would deliver it immediately into your body. That causes its effects to wear off and is responsible for the ensuing crashing and jittery feelings.

The compounds and how they bind within guarana are responsible for the slower, more balanced release of caffeine into your body. Even a medium-strength dose of guarana extracts like our SuddenRush Guarana Green Energy Shot will be enough to provide a slow release of caffeine stretching from four to six hours. Take it in the morning and receive mental clarity and physical energy that will last well into the day. 

4. Guarana Has Healthy Antioxidants

No crash, jitters, or consuming large quantities of guarana is excellent, but guarana benefits also include its high content of antioxidants that promote better health. Guarana extracts are rich in antioxidants like green tea. Those antioxidants fight against certain molecules that attack your cells and cause everything from signs of aging to cancer. They are also believed to aid the heart in warding off disease. 

5. Guarana Boosts Metabolism And Relieves Pain

There is also evidence suggesting guarana benefits include raising the metabolism to help you burn more calories and lose weight. And, if pain prohibits you from exercising more, the higher dosage of caffeine in guarana extracts – especially that found in SuddenRush Guarana Energy Shots – has natural alleviating effects

What Reason Is There Not To Choose SuddenRush Guarana?

Coffee and energy drinks are meant to give you an extra boost throughout the day to stay focused and fight fatigue. But guarana does it better and in a considerably less amount. Not only does guarana have twice the caffeine content as coffee, but it also releases it slower to stretch its effects for longer. You get the boost without the crash or jitters.

Guarana benefits go even further. Guarana extracts contain antioxidants you won't find in coffee or other energy drinks. These antioxidants promote weight loss by boosting your metabolism and better overall health. SuddenRush Guarana also sources guarana extracts from farmers who use sustainable methods that are breathing new life into the South American rainforest after decades of deforestation. There’s no reason not to choose SuddenRush Guarana. Browse our products at suddenrushguarana.com.

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