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What is Guarana Fruit and Seed?

What is Guarana Fruit and Seed?


The guarana fruit is likely something that you have heard of, even if it was simply to skim across it while reading ingredients lists on food, but what actually is guarana fruit & seed extract? Thankfully, this guide contains everything that you need to know to better understand what guarana fruit really is, so that you can reap the benefits of this fancy fruit in no time at all. If you're interested in learning more, then simply read on!


What is Guarana?


Known scientifically as 'paullinia cupana', the guarana fruit bush is a climbing plant that has large leaves along with clusters of small white flowers. It grows in the amazon basin. It belongs to the soapberry family, which includes lychee, among other fruits. Guarana is probably most well known for the seeds that come from the fruit as they contain high levels of caffeine and have long been a popular ingredient in drinks that aim to boost your energy levels. The guarana tree produces delightfully vivid red berries that are used like coffee, and when these berries are at their ripest, they split open at the end and reveal a look that's surprisingly similar to a human eyeball. Many chemists maintain the opinion that the guarana plant offers the highest source of caffeine available in nature, as its seeds contain around 2.5 times more caffeine when compared with the ever popular brew, from coffee beans.


Guarana vs Caffeine

  • Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant.
  • Guarana contains a high level of caffeine – up to 6% by weight!
  • Guarana has other beneficial antioxidants, like theophylline and theobromine, whereas caffeine is a singular compound.


What Are The Benefits Of Guarana Fruit & Seed?


Guarana appears to maintain a number of promising health benefits, though research is still ongoing. Most of the benefits derived from taking supplements containing extracts from the guarana plant focus around maintaining energy and concentration. For example:


  • Athletes commonly use guarana or guarana seed extract because of its stimulating effects.
  • As well as its high caffeine levels, guarana also contains a range of other chemicals that have similar energy-boosting effects, like theobromine.
  • Guarana is also a popular substance for treating issues such as a low libido, a lack of focus, and it can even help to enhance your chances of weight loss success.
  • As guarana can improve your focus and boost your energy levels, it enables users to become far more productive throughout their day.
  • As it contains around four times more caffeine than coffee, guarana supplements can be of real benefit when you're trying to reduce mental fatigue, especially if you have a chronic condition.
  • One of the most promising potential benefits of guarana fruit and guarana seed extract is the fact that it may be able to prevent or at least fight back against cancer.
  • As it is so rich in antioxidants, it may be able to naturally combat the cell damage which often leads to cancer, as well as helping to relieve side effects associated with a variety of other chronic conditions, too.
  • Both caffeine and catechins, which are found in large quantities in guarana seeds, have been linked with anti-platelet aggregatory activity, which means they can act as a blood thinner and effectively prevent or reduce your chances of serious blood clots. This can lower the risk of thrombosis and other cardiovascular disease, even reducing plaque build-up in the arteries by limiting the oxidation of bad cholesterol.
  • It is generally recognized as safe and it is much better to consume guarana than sugar loaded soft drinks with caffeine content and is often used as a weight loss product.


Guarana seed can be consumed as a dietary supplement or extract, brewed into an uplifting tea, or even used in culinary applications.


Where Does Guarana Seed Come From?


Guarana is a sprawling, shrub-like vine which is native to the Amazonian region. As we already discussed, the guarana tree produces berries which have been used similarly to coffee in its native Brazil for many centuries. Amazonian tribes have also used guarana to treat a range of common health problems too, such as issues like headaches and fever. The guarana vine is also known for giving members of the various Amazonian tribes sufficient energy for hunting, so it's a valuable flower and seed across South America.


The History Of Guarana Fruit & Seed


The guarana plant has a long history of use by the Satere-Mawe tribe, who are said to have been the first to actually cultivate the plant for their own personal use. A well known legend in the local area speaks of the Satare-Maure Indians of Brazil, explaining that a beautiful woman named Onhiamuacabe had a child whose father was said to be a 'mysterious being'. This child, however, was put to death due to eating some type of forbidden nuts or fruit - at his burial site, a guarana bush is said to have begun to grow from his eyeball.


This is commonly why Native Indians still consider the effects of guarana to actually be supernatural in their nature. In addition to this well known take, there are a number of older texts that contain reference to a substance called 'guaranine', which is said to be chemically identical to caffeine. Although guarana was likely cultivated by the indigenous peoples as far back as Pre-Columbian times, it was first commercialized for mass use in the year of 1958.


Nowadays, this caffeine rich seed can be found in so many formats - you can source guarana seed extract supplement powders, pure guarana powder, and even a whole guarana fruit to get one of your 5-a-day. In the modern day guarana has become extremely popular with gym addicts and sportspeople alike, as its energy and focus boosting properties can make maintaining great fitness easier than ever. While most artificial caffeine alternatives come with a whole host of different risks and side effects, the guarana fruit and its seed extract are much more natural and carry less of a danger when it comes to adverse reactions.


Lots of research has been carried out into the topic of how guarana seed extract supplements might be able to help those with chronic conditions in the past decade, so it would seem evidence is piling higher and higher in support of this traditional Amazonian fruit.


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