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FAQ What Is Guarana


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  1. What is it?
  2. What does it do?
  3. Which one should I take?
  4. Why is it not sweet tasting?
  5. Where can I get it?
  6. Can I take it every day?
  7. What’s in it?
  8. Where do they make this?
  9. Where do the ingredients come from?
  10. Can I get hooked on it?
  11. How is it different than other energy products?
  12. How do I need to store it?
  13. How am I saving the rainforest by drinking this shot?
  14. Is this only for hyper active people?
  15. Do I get the jitters?
  16. Will I crash?
  17. What is guarana?
  18. Where does it grow?
  19. How long does it last?
  20. When do I take it?
  21. Are there Side effects




What is it?

It’s a sustainable source of natural caffeine based energy from the guarana berry. Our smooth energy comes from guarana, a vine seed native to the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. It is a naturally occurring nootropic that indigenous tribes have used for centuries for its amazing effects


As a dietary supplement or herb, guarana seed is an effective stimulant:[1] it contains about twice the concentration of caffeine found in coffee seeds (about 2–4.5% caffeine in guarana seeds, compared to 1–2% for coffee seeds).[2]The additive has gained notoriety for being used in energy drinks. As with other plants producing caffeine, the high concentration of caffeine is a defensive toxin that repels herbivores from the berry and its seeds.[3]

The color of the fruit ranges from brown to red and it contains black seeds that are partly covered by white arils. The color contrast when the fruit is split open has been compared with the appearance of eyeballs and has become the basis of an origin myth among the Sateré-Mawé people.[4]

Everything about guarana

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    What does it do?

    It will stimulate your mind, body, and motivate you to excel at your activity.


    You will enjoy long lasting energy without the jitters or crash used to from other synthetic energy drinks. Researchers found a 'post-caffeine' dip in alertness 150 minutes after study participants ingested coffee. The same was not found for those who took guarana.

    Improved cognitive function

    Nature's gift to your brain. Guarana improves memory, alertness, and mood.

    Performance enhancer

    Gives you energy to get going and then some. It has also been shown to minimize post-exercise fatigue.


    Catechins are the antioxidants that green tea is famous for. A 2016 study found that guarana contains the same amount or more catechins as green tea, and up to 10x that of cocoa and chocolate. Another reason to feel good about guarana.

    Other benefits

    Brazilian healers have used guarana for a host of other benefits. Science sometimes needs time to catch up with ancient wisdom. While further research is still needed, research has identified other potential benefits including antidepressant effects, cardiovascular support, libido enhancement, neuro-protection, longevity promotion, and weight loss, among others.


    Today, guarana seeds are still used as medicine. Guarana is used for weight loss, to enhance athletic performance, as a stimulant, and to reduce mental and physical fatigue.

    Guarana Provides Additional Stimulation over Caffeine Alone in the Planarian Model

    Why guarana

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    Which one should I take?

    Depending on your activity planned you want to use the appropriate strength shot for you. In general we say use the green shot if you plan on doing lots of head work like studying, computer work or any similar not too physical work.


    Use a brown shot if you have things to do like clean your yard, go shopping, house work, or driving around all day. Basically this is your go to solution if you're not planning your day in bed with a pizza and Netflix.

    Use a black shot if you’d like to run a marathon, dance all night, build a house, or just want to excel way beyond your cup of coffee.

    America is in the midst of an energy crisis. We're guzzling energy drinks and shots at record rates but feeling more lethargic than ever. Sales of these products have more than doubled in the past 5 years, with 35 percent of men ages 18 to 24 drinking them regularly, a new Mintel survey reveals.

    "Guys create an up-and-down trap with energy drinks and with whatever they take at night to help slow down," says Matthew Edlund, M.D, author of The Power of Rest. "They never feel completely rested." Or, even scarier, they end up on a gurney in the ER. Hospital visits related to energy drinks have surged more than tenfold since 2005, reports the U.S. Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality. And most of those amped-up patients are men. so be smart and use our shots with purpose. Take one shot and then drink water the rest of the day. Avoid sugar and other caffeine drinks afterwards.


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    Why is it not sweet tasting?

    The dominant taste is Guarana which is a natural extract which we mix with natural flavors like raspberry, caramel or passion fruit. Guarana is an acquired taste like beer, wine or coffee. We leave the Guarana as untouched as possible to preserve all its qualities and only add additional natural flavors to soften its bitterness.



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    Where can I get it?

    You can buy it online at SuddenRushGuarana.comwe have always a deal for you available.


    Or check out our location page for exclusive  retail stores selling SuddenRush Guarana

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    Can I take it every day?

    Guarana is safe to consume daily, like drinking coffee. We recommend one shot a day since the caffeine content is higher than a cup of coffee and the effects last longer than coffee. Guarana will supply your system with energy on average 5 hours long.



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    What’s in it?

    There are 5 simple ingredients inside our liquid shot ampules: guarana, water, cane sugar, vegan flavor, lemon preserve.


    Guarana contains caffeine, which contains theobromine, theophylline, tannins, and flavonoids. Scientists believe that the synergistic interactions of these and other compounds are what makes guarana's effects so unique.

    Energy drinks

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    Where do they make this?

    The guarana is harvested in Brazil by the Sateré-Mawé peopleand then shipped to Switzerland where the shot is being produced under strict hygiene and quality standards (ISO Certified ).


    Our Mission

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    Where do the ingredients come from?

    The guarana comes from Brazil. The other four ingredients are produced in Switzerland or Europe.


    Guarana in Brazil

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    Can I get hooked on it?

    Guarana contains concentrated natural caffeine and should be consumed according to your body type and personal tolerance. SuddenRush Guarana is a all natural, organic, and GMO-free shot drink. A full shot is only 11ml of fluid. Hence it is not an energy drink. Here is more information on Energy Drinks.


    Are Energy drinks bad for me?

    How Can Energy Drinks Be Harmful?

    Researchers like Gary Hemphill at the Beverage Marketing Corporation credit the boom of energy drinks with both people’s need for energy and very clever marketing. These drinks are essentially standard colas that have been sold for decades and have now been rebranded with labels that promise energy, focus, and improved performance. Hemphill insists that the ingredients are remarkably similar between these energy drinks and standard sugary sodas.



    Lab-made additions to traditional energy drinks include added sugars, artificial sugars, and massive amounts of B vitamins and taurine. Since the vitamins and taurine are lab-made, they are not absorbed in the same way as naturally occurring nutrients. That’s because you consume a range of vitamins, minerals, co-factors, and enzymes when you eat real food instead of single nutrients. The combination of these different compounds allows your body to better use the natural nutrients over the synthetic ones.

    The average diet provides anywhere from 40-400 mg of natural taurine, mostly from meat, fish and dairy. However, one can of Red Bull contains 1000 mg of lab-made taurine. The FDA recommends 14-16 mg per day of vitamin B3, with a max of 35 mg. A can of Monster alone contains 40 mg of vitamin B3. There is little to no evidence supporting the positive effects of adding taurine and B vitamins to energy drinks, and more research is required for us to fully understand the potential long term side effects. What we do know is that your body does not absorb more of these vitamins than it needs and ends up excreting excess quantities through your urine.

    Herein lies a huge problem with the energy drink market. These highly processed drinks, essentially sodas wearing masks, direct their marketing towards active adolescents. Energy drink commercials feature teens skating and biking, among other extreme sports. The ads are cool and exciting and associate the drinks with the adrenaline rush of these activities.

    The public has only recently recognized the harmful effects of carbonated soft drinks with massive amounts of added sugar and other lab-made chemicals. There are similar concerns around traditional energy drinks, especially its effects on pre-teens and teens.



    Another big issue is the association between binge drinking and energy drink consumption. There was a huge backlash in 2005 when Four Loko was introduced as an energizing alcoholic drink-- making it easier to abuse energy drinks in an alcoholic setting. Four Loko was only reintroduced to the market in 2010 after removing the caffeine.

    The CDC advises against mixing caffeine of any kind with alcohol as it can mask the depressant effect of alcohol, tricking the user into thinking they are not as impaired as they are. This effect can lead to overconsumption of alcohol and dangerous decisions like driving while intoxicated. The CDC has also found that those who binge drink are more than twice as likely to mix energy drinks and alcohol as non-binge drinkers.

    This would mark the beginning of fears surrounding the safety of energy drinks. There were 13 deaths reported from 2008 to 2012 citing misuse of 5-hour Energy. Monster Energy has also been under investigation by the FDA regarding 5 deaths linked to consumption including one in 2017 where a 14-year-old girl drank two Monster drinks within 24 hours and died. In 2013, Washington state pushed legislation barring those under 18 from purchasing energy drinks.

    These concerns around the impact of traditional energy drinks on our bodies and minds have led to the rise of alternative natural energy drink options.




    How is it different than other energy products?

    SuddenRush Guarana is different in that we use only natural ingredients. We have no artificial sweeteners, synthetic caffeine, or fake flavoring. As a matter of fact, our green shot is a totally organic bio certified product. That is why our SuddenRush Guarana can deliver such superior energy which is backed by science. SuddenRush Guarana will lasts longer have no spikes, no dips, improve your focus and memory, give you a boost for your mood and enhance your athletic performance.



    One of the main advantages of Guarana over coffee is the duration of the stimulation. Guarana energy is much longer lasting than coffee, plus the stimulation is less jittery and clearer in character. Guarana is absorbed slowly by the body. This results in a long lasting energy release over hours - a stark contrast to the fast rush and crash experienced with coffee.

    Guarana not only contains higher amounts of caffeine than coffee, it also contains other alkaloids and fats that suppress the sensation of hunger and thirst. This is one of the reasons why Guarana is often used in weight loss programs. Also, since only a small amount of the powder is needed, there are virtually no calories being ingested, which further is ideal for anyone looking to lose weight.

    The natural heat that Guarana creates within the body is known as thermogenesis and is a normal metabolic process that aids the breakdown of stored body fat into energy. Whilst the caffeine present in both coffee and Guarana is known to facilitate this, the theobromine and theophylline found in Guarana enhances it further.

    As a result, Guarana is an extremely viable, and in many aspects preferable alternative to coffee. It delivers much longer lasting energy without the jitters, plus it packs healthy antioxidants. It could be argued that the quick rush from coffee is what you need in the morning; however, switching coffee for Guarana as a daytime drink can release more sustainable energy to get you through a hard day’s work.

    Perfect addition

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    How do I need to store it?

    Store our shots in a cabinet away from direct sunlight but no refrigeration is needed. Our shots have a shelf life of two years.




    How am I saving the rainforest by drinking this shot?

    When you purchase SuddenRushGuarana you are giving us the opportunity to donate 10% our proceeds to the Atlantic rainforest conservation project. This NGO (nonprofit organization ) buys rainforest and turns it into conservation land preserving it for future generations.




    Is this only for hyper active people?

    We offer three different strengths which will affect you according to your personal tolerance for caffeine. Our green shot is most preferred by students or corporate executives that need to have a clear and focused mind to help them through their academic or business activities.


    Our brown shot is a great choice for your everyday activities like if you are a stay at home parent, or store owner, or a brick layer, or if you do your own yard maintenance.

    Our black shot is what you want to use when you do activities like a long endurance run, a long night out working or playing, or an intense cardio workout. This is preferred by athletes, party goers, nurses and truck drivers. 

    The Variations

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    Do I get the jitters?

    You will not get jitters or heart racing since the guarana is being absorbed through your digestive system and will therefore only act as a slow release stimulant, as compared to other products where you get the full dose immediately in one hit. This is why SuddenRushGuarana will last 5 hours or longer. 


    Compare it


    Will I crash?

    You will not crash because of the digestive system being involved in the slow release of the caffeine. So it will bring you up gently and bring you down the same way: gently.

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  • What is guarana?

    Guarana is a berry that grows on a vine in the jungle of Brazil and is grown by the Matre Indians which we compensate under a Fair-trade agreement for their work.


    What is guarana?

    Guarana is a seed from the Amazon rainforest has been commercialized as both an energy and weight loss supplement, first in South America and now globally. Beyond providing long lasting energy and focus, guarana extract can improve your workout performance, fight age related diseases, and promote longevity.

    Even with widespread use, the facts about guarana including its origin, benefits, and side effects are not universally known. So, what is guarana? Where did it come from? And how can it help you?

    Where does guarana come from?

    A couple from the Maué Indian tribe in the Amazon received a baby boy as a gift from the king of the gods. Jururapí, the god of darkness, was jealous of the handsome and kind man the boy grew up to be. Disguised as a serpent, Jururapí bit the boy, killing him instantly. In her grief, the boy’s mother planted her son’s eyes in the dirt. From the boy’s eyes grew the two types of guarana: wild and domesticated.

    Some legends even claim that the guarana plant bore its own child, from whom the Maué descended. In any case, the guarana fruit looks like an eyeball when it opens.

    A lowland climbing shrub, the guarana plant is native to the Amazon Basin in Brazil. Guarana is known scientifically as Paullinia Cupana, and it is in the same family of flowering plants (Sapindaceae) as horse chestnut, maple, and lychee fruit.

    The Maué and Guaraní tribes used the seed for hundreds of years prior to colonization to treat migraines, fevers, dysentery, and more. The plant was introduced to western culture in the 17th century by a Jesuit missionary named Johannes Philipus Bettendorf, but was not commercialized until 1958.

    Originally, guarana seeds were slow roasted over a fire before being turned into sticks of guarana dough. In order to drink the guarana, the dehydrated sticks were then grated with either a rock or the bones of a pirarucu (large Amazonian fish) over water. The drink, known as çapó, has been used by all ages for a myriad of benefits (12) (13).

    Today, guarana is a popular addition to mainstream energy drinks, and it is the main component of guarana soda, a popular drink in Brazil. Unlike the energy drinks that dominate the market right now, SuddenRush Guarana is an energy shot that uses only guarana extract as the active ingredient to provide long lasting energy without lab-made chemicals and added sugars.


    What are the benefits of guarana?

    So, what can guarana do for you? The unique composition of guarana makes it perfect for providing stimulation before your workday or workout, and it has the power to promote weight loss and protect your body. Here are 11 benefits of consuming guarana, all backed by research.



    Users report that the energy boost and focus they get from guarana extract is not only more focused than the effects of coffee and other caffeine alternatives, but the effects last longer. This smooth rise and fall of energy prevents the caffeine crash headaches that often accompany mid-afternoon slumps.

    One study dove further into the science behind the smooth energy of guarana. The study was made of 71 females between 17 and 35, broken into four groups: caffeinated coffee, guarana, yerba mate, and a control group. The testing was replicated with and without the subjects eating lunch and the participants’ energy levels were measured immediately, after 60 minutes, and again after 150 minutes. Using blood pressure, pulse readings, mood ratings, and reaction times, the study concluded that after 150 minutes, the coffee group experienced a ‘post-caffeine’ dip in alertness and focus, while the guarana group did not. (1)


    Guarana can also positively impact workout regimens. Another study found that active males who consumed a vitamin and mineral drink containing guarana as a pre-workout felt less exerted after a moderately intense run. (2)



    Guarana may also improve memory, increase alertness, and elevate mood (3). It is a natural nootropic, a chemical compound that can enhance memory and other brain activity. By observing flatworms and testing guarana’s effects at different doses throughout the day, scientists found that the stimulatory effects of guarana are due to more than caffeine alone. Glucose combined with guarana also heightens the stimulatory effects (4). While the unique combination of chemicals in guarana in addition to caffeine can give you a fluid energy boost, scientists are still trying to further understand the science behind this smooth energy.



    Is guarana good for weight loss? Guarana has been historically marketed as part of diet pills, and researchers are evaluating its usefulness in controlling body weight. One study divided mice into two groups: one group was fed a high-fat diet and received a guarana supplement, while the other group was fed an identical diet but didn’t receive the supplement. The mice that didn’t get guarana gained a significant amount of weight the first week of the experiment, but the mice that did receive the guarana did not change in weight for the entire duration of the experiment. Researchers concluded that guarana was able to prevent weight gain despite the mice having identical diets. (5)

    In another study of overweight women, guarana showed the ability to regulate gastrointestinal hormones and reduce macronutrient intake. Guarana shows great potential to enhance the body’s ability to use nutrients as well as increasing the mass of mitochondria, thereby speeding metabolism, and defending against weight gain and fat accumulation. (6)



    According to some studies, guarana extract shows promising antidepressive effects in humans. In the long term, guarana’s effect has been compared to antidepressant medications Doxepin and Amitriptyline. (7)



    Guarana consumption has been associated with lower rates of cardiovascular metabolic diseases. It also may have positive effects on metabolizing lipids. Guarana was found to act similarly to other caffeine and catechin rich foods like green tea, where guarana fights the accumulation of LDL, preventing cardiovascular disease. (8)



    Some research even points to guarana being useful in the treatment and defense against certain neurodegenerative disorders. One study found that guarana can help prolong the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease in susceptible patients. The exact mechanism behind this behavior still eludes scientists but they believe that guarana has the potential to prevent the death of certain neurons, which would make it useful in combating age-related diseases. (9)



    Another study used flatworms to investigate possible uses for guarana regarding longer life. The study concluded that the guarana extract extended the lifespan of the flatworms by possibly speeding the metabolization of fats. Another study found that guarana’s fat fighting potential was due to its ability to regulate genes related to the accumulation of body fat. Additionally, this could be aided by guarana’s ability to increase the number of mitochondria in the body, which fights fat build up as mitochondria use nutrients to produce energy (10). 



    The guarana plant has evolved certain features including high caffeine content and saponins over thousands of years that help defend against microbial infections caused by various microorganisms. These defense mechanisms could be useful in preventing diseases in humans as well. This study found that the guarana extract in mouthwash has been effective in preventing cavities, plaque buildup, and other periodontal diseases. (10)


    Brazilians have claimed for hundreds of years that guarana has a strong aphrodisiac effect. Some indigenous tribes have gone so far as to say that the seed helped them to establish dominance, not only militarily but also sexually.

    One study used rabbits to evaluate this claim and found that there was a positive correlation between guarana consumption and rabbit mating. Another study using Mediterranean fruit flies found that guarana increased the success of fruit fly mating. (11)



    Guarana’s chemical composition makes it an incredibly unique and effective functional plant. While guarana contains more caffeine than any other plant in the world by dry weight (up to four times as much caffeine as coffee), caffeine does not account for the plethora of other reported benefits. Scientists attribute guarana’s additional healing properties to two other compounds: theobromine and theophylline, as well as tannins and saponins. 



    Caffeine is the first of three naturally occurring chemicals called methylxanthines. The effects of caffeine set in between 5 to 30 minutes after consumption. Caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant; it increases blood pressure (for a short time) and heart rate. Users report feeling more alert, active, and less fatigued.



    Theobromine is the second xanthine found in guarana and is a bitter tasting alkaloid abundant in dark chocolate. It is a vasodilator (opens blood vessels), a diuretic, and heart stimulant. It acts similarly to caffeine and may help manage fatigue and orthostatic hypotension. There is also research that suggests theobromine can boost your mood. This same study demonstrates that theobromine exhibits anti-tumoral and anti-inflammatory properties with regards to the cardiovascular system (23). Theobromine has also been used as a smooth muscle relaxant. (16).



    The third of the three methylxanthines naturally found in guarana, theophylline stimulates the heart and central nervous system. Synthetic forms of theophylline have been used to treat airway diseases for more than 70 years. Both natural and synthetic forms of theophylline are bronchodilators, relaxing muscles around the airways. Theophylline has also been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect in asthma and COPD. (15)



    Responsible for the bitter taste of guarana, tannins occur naturally in the roots, barks, and fruits of many plants. Due to its astringent and binding properties, tannins have been used to treat tonsillitis, pharyngitis, hemorrhoids, and open wounds. There are two types of tannins: hydrolysable tannins and condensed tannins. Condensed tannins are found in plants and can strongly affect the taste and mouthfeel of food. Tannins are plentiful in red wine and are responsible for the drying sensation you feel when drinking it. The tannins present in red wine also neutralize free radicals and have been shown to be effective in preventing heart disease (24).



    Saponins are phytochemicals that can be found in most vegetables, beans, and herbs. Saponins may help reduce bad cholesterol by binding with bile salt and cholesterol in the intestines, thereby preventing the reabsorption of the blood cholesterol. Some studies suggest that saponins can prevent cancerous cells from reproducing by binding to the cholesterol-rich membrane of the cancerous cells to obstruct their ability to grow. Plants produce saponins to fight parasites, and studies suggest that saponins can boost human immunity to viruses and bacteria. (14)



    Catechins are present in guarana extract and possess antioxidant properties. The antioxidant profile of guarana is similar to that of green tea. Antioxidants neutralize molecules called free radicals; free radicals can cause cell damage that has been scientifically linked to heart disease, cancer, and more (26).


    Is guarana bad for your health?

    With any caffeinated beverage or supplement, consuming too much guarana in one sitting can result in a caffeine overdose. Due to its high caffeine content, doctors recommend that pregnant and nursing women do not consume large quantities of caffeine. It is important to stay within the recommended daily dosage (400 mg according to the FDA) to avoid the unpleasant and possible side effects of a caffeine overdose.

    Symptoms of misusing caffeine can include restlessness, anxiety, dehydration, faster heart rate, and stomach pains (25). It is also important to keep in mind that caffeine tolerance can vary depending on your height, weight, and how often you consume caffeine. When consumed in appropriate doses, guarana provides benefits beyond those of caffeine alone.

    In summary

    Guarana is an Amazonian plant that is a great natural alternative to stimulants like coffee, caffeine pills, and artificial energy drinks. 

    Guarana can keep you from feeling tired, promote weight loss, and sharpen your brain function. When consumed in a SuddenRush Guarana Shot, you also receive all of the benefits that guarana has to offer without added artificial ingredients. 

    In addition to long lasting energy and focus, guarana has a long list of potential uses. The extract can improve your athletic performance, help you stay awake and make you more productive at work or in the classroom. It can also promote longevity in the long term by protecting you from age-related diseases.


    ARFI Atlantic Rainforest Institution Project

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    Where does it grow?

    Guarana grows in the Brazilian rainforest.


    What we do

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    How long does it last?

    The effects depend on your body. Things like what and when you eat can affect how you feel it. When you consume the shot your digestive system will take approximately 5 hours or longer to get it digested and extract all the benefits from it. This means it benefits you longer.


    Staying energetic throughout the day

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    When do I take it?

    You should drink the liquid shot approximately 15 minutes before your planed activity but no later than 6 hours before your bed time in order to be able to sleep. Best is to add the green, brown or black shot to your breakfast routine to last you throughout the day or as needed about 15 minutes before your work, hike, run or fun activity.




    Works cited

    Scholey and Haskell, 2008; Otobone et al., 2005, 2007; Kennedy et al., 2004; Roncon et al., 2011; Carlini, 2003

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