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The Benefits of Guarana Energy Shot and Why It’s Better to Take a Shot of Guarana vs an Energy Drink

Guarana is a plant that comes from the Amazon in Brazil. It has a fruit about the size of a coffee bean and, when ground down, has many benefits. It contains caffeine, up to three times the amount of coffee. It also contains other stimulants as well. Tribes in the Amazon have been making use of it for years, vowing to the therapeutic advantages it offers. These days you can buy guarana online, at health food shops, or even at the supermarket. There are even bottles of drinks that contain it. Anyway, here are a few benefits of guarana energy shots as opposed to an energy drink:

A Natural Energy Boost

As guarana is full of caffeine, naturally, it boosts energy levels. However, guarana, unlike caffeine, is a slow-release chemical. Meaning, that on a smaller amount, such as a shot, you will have more energy over a longer time. Guarana is actually found in many energy drinks, so you may think that by consuming one will have the same benefit as a guarana energy shot. However, energy drinks are larger and full of other ingredients too, which cause you to crash after a shorter period of time. This means you may need more to get that same high. This could be putting your body at risk, as the slow-release guarana will still be in you despite the crash. Pure guarana in shot form is simply the healthier option and lasts longer.

Cancer-Fighting Properties

Guarana has been shown to have a potentially positive effect on cancer. Preliminary results show that guarana can protect the body from DNA damage. It may reduce cancer cell growth and also kill off cancer cells. This benefit is not something an energy drink can boast of. The other ingredients make that impossible.

Improves Your Ability to Learn

People who have consumed a shot of guarana have been known to have better memories and perform better in tests. By increasing focus, you improve your ability to take in information. If you purchase guarana energy shots, you can always keep one handy in case you need that quick pick-me-up.

A Shot is Smaller Amount to Consume

You are able to purchase guarana in shot packets. That means you can put one in your pocket at the beginning of the day and quickly consume it when you need to. Some energy drinks are large beverages and not so easy to drink quickly. In addition, having a shot on you saves you from needing to buy a coffee. Over time, your shots will save you a lot of money.

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A Range of Guarana Energy Shots 

Depending on your needs, you can buy guarana energy shots for different reasons:

  • A green shot is for brainy people. It can freshen you up and awaken you as you head to that important meeting. It can make you more creative, too, without causing you to become restless.

  • Our brown shot means that you get five hours of increased energy. This is aimed at people who are going about their everyday tasks, such as shopping, taking the children out, and housework. It provides that much-needed pick me up and is a shot that lasts.

  • The black shot is for you sports fans out there. If you want to go snowboarding all day, practice MMA for hours, go to a competition, run, or basically do anything that requires serious agility or moving at a high level of speed, then you need the black guarana energy shot.

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